Mississippi Warrant Network

Mississippi Warrant Network

If you Owe a Fine

If You Have Received a Letter from MWN

If you have received a letter notifying you that you owe a debt to a court or another entity for fees, you should contact the court or entity listed in the letter and make arrangements to pay the fine before further collection efforts proceed.   There are times that when you call, you will discover that you owe more than what is listed on the letter you received.  This may be because you had a separate case that was not included or the court may have added a contempt of court charge.  MWN has no control over those issues and you must pay what is ordered by the court. 

If you feel you do not owe a fine, MWN urges you to contact an attorney and protect your rights.  There are times when people steal other people’s identity and are arrested and fined under that stolen name.  When we start the collection process is the first time the person whose identity was stolen is first notified.    The person whose identity is stolen must then go through the process of correcting that wrong.    If your identity was stolen and used in this manner, please contact us and we will do everything we can to help you.  But many times, because of the complexities of the laws, you will need to retain an attorney to solve the issue.

If you have any questions, please call 662-620-6651.

If you know you owe a fine but have not been contacted

If you know you owe an old fine in a court but are unsure how to go about paying the fine without being immediately arrested, contact us and we will contact the court where you owe the fine and see if we can help you resolve the issue.  Many courts will work with us to help someone get a fine paid even if we do not have a contract with the court.

If we can help you resolve and old fine anywhere, please call 662-620-6651.