Mississippi Warrant Network

Mississippi Warrant Network

Mississippi Warrant Network - Collect Court Fines - Jackson, MS

Mississippi Warrant Network (MWN) is a collection system for unpaid fines and fees in the state of Mississippi.   We are not a conventional collection agency - we do not collect regular consumer debt.  We only collect debts that are owed to the State of Mississippi or to one of it's cites or counties.

We notify debtors  that they owe for an old fine and/or fees and that there are now added fees because the debt was unpaid and the debt has been turned over for collection.    The late penalty fees are added by state law which makes the debtor pay the cost of collection so that there is virtually no cost to the state, county or municipality

MWN has a specialized system to collect old fines and fees that are owed to the state, counties and municipalities.  In addition to fines, we also collect garbage fees, water fees, utility fees ad/or any other fees owed to a city or county.  Any type of fee that is owed to sate, county or city government can be collected under state law at virtually no cost to them.

We understand that there are many scams involving the payments of fines and fees.  That is the reason that we have all  monies sent directly to the court or entity where the debt is owed.  DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO Mississippi Warrant Network.  Send all monies directly to the Court.

If you have received a letter notifying you that you have a an old fine or fee, you should contact the court listed in the letter and make arrangements to pay the fine or fee before further collection efforts are initiated.  If you have any questions, please call  662-620-6651.