Mississippi Warrant Network

Mississippi Warrant Network

Fee Collections

The process for the collection of garbage fees is similar to collecting old fines except there is no warrant and therefore no immediate threat of jail.    Mississippi Warrant Network will make several skip-tracing searches in order to locate a debtor’s current address.   This includes some preventative maintenance steps such as checking for new addresses BEFORE the 1st letter is ever sent out.  This step allows us to maximize the county’s revenue right from the outset and cut down on our return mail that comes back undelivered.    Locating debtors is where MWN is set apart from other collection companies.   Our 45+ year background in the bail bonding business gives MWN a superior ability to locate debtors.  It is that skip-tracing ability that makes MWN more successful at collecting the county’s uncollected garbage fees.

The other significant difference between Mississippi Warrant Network and other collection companies is that MWN does not accept the money.   All monies are paid directly to the county.   This increases collections significantly simply because people trust paying the county directly; they do not know they are not being scammed when they pay a collection company so they are more likely to pay if they are paying the county.   We only ask that the county notify us when someone pays and we bill the county on a monthly basis.

Our highly experienced information staff has the ability to respond immediately to questions or concerns, reducing or eliminating calls to the county.   Conversations are handled with the understanding that debtors should be handled firmly, but always with dignity and respect.   MWN is cognizant of our court clients' public image and will uphold that image on each and every phone call handled for them.    Our approach results in fewer call backs to the county and helps eliminates complaints.

Mississippi Warrant Network is the premier leader in delinquent county collections in Mississippi.   MWN does not strive to be the biggest county service collection company, just the best in providing revenue enhancement to all counties that allow us to serve them.    Please call us today at 601-948-2245 or 888-948-2245 to start increasing your county’s revenue.